Will Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Ban in India Latest News

Is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram really going to be ban in India from May 26 Official News? Facebook is the end of the speculation. The world’s most popular social media platform has said it will abide by the Indian government’s new IT policy.

Facebook Ban in India Latest News?

Will popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter be ban in India after May 26? This is the question that is now on the minds of all Indians. In fact, the Indian government issued a new guideline on social media last February. However, no other social platform has implemented this guideline except Koo, the only local Indian app. The deadline for the Indian government to launch the new policy was set on May 26. And because of this, the question has started to arise, are well-known companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp going to be ban in India for not implementing the policy?

Will Facebook Ban in India

Twitter Ban in India Latest News?

A few days ago, the central government issued a directive stating that if anyone posted any objectionable material on social media, the accused would be produced in court. At the same time, new policies were introduced to control the OTT platform. Earlier in the day, Union Ministers Ravi Shankar Prasad and Prakash Javadekar briefed a press conference on the new OTT platform and new guidelines on social media in India.

Now the question is, what is Facebook saying about this? Do they really want to do business by implementing the new policy of the Indian government, or are they just interested in withdrawing from the country? Facebook said on Tuesday that it wanted to follow the Indian government’s instructions. A press release issued on the same day said, “We want to accept the new guidelines of the Government of India. But this needs some discussion in more detail. We will have a meeting with the Government of India as soon as possible with this new guideline.

Instagram Ban in India Latest News?

With more seriousness on this issue, the Facebook authorities have claimed, “At the moment, we are emphasizing the process of the operation and the policy of its implementation. As a company, this is our only demand so that customers can express themselves freely and securely on Facebook. And we will do everything we can to strengthen that. ‘

On the other hand, an official of the Indian government says, ‘The new guideline was announced by the Indian government on February 25. Three months have passed since then. Social media companies were given only three months. However, with the exception of the domestic platform, no organization has yet discussed the issue with the Center. Although there is no obligation to negotiate. The bottom line is that social media companies need to adhere to these new guidelines and make changes to their websites. They have not done anything yet.

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