Happy Birthday Ringtones Download

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Happy Birthday Ringtone Download

Happy Birthday Ringtone Download

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Happy Birthday Ringtone With Name

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Happy Birthday to You Ringtone Download

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Why We Celebrate Birthday?

I would like to ask you ‘Why have we born?’ Just like that, (Laughter) you know… people at a certain age they start feeling little funny (Laughter) and if they speak that it looks uglyso they start saying nothings to each other. They call it sweet nothings, but they start saying nothing to each other and then they’ll do-do something (Laughter). Lot of nothing, nothing, nothing one something you are there (Laughter/Applause). That’s how it happens. If you are asking why in terms of,‘What is the purpose of my birth,’ hmm? What if there is no purpose? This question, ‘What is the purpose of my birth?’ arises only because somewhere your experience of life has become quite meaningless.

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This is the Reasons For Celebrating a Birthday.

Want some God-ordained purpose for your existence. You wouldn’t ask this, right now if your head is blown away in ecstasy, if every cell is bursting in ecstatic experience, you wouldn’t ask, ‘Why am I born,’ isn’t it? You are sitting there, this damn sathsang,the legs are falling asleep, (Laughter), hmm? Everything is hurting. Now, ‘Why am I born’ (Laughter)? What is the purpose of this pain,that’s what you are asking (Laughs)? If you are bursting with ecstasy, you wouldn’t ask, ‘Why am I born?’ Isn’t it so? Would you, I am asking you.

Some Reasons for Birthday Celebrate!

You are sober and legs are hurting (Few Laugh), for you ‘Why am I born’ is a big question, for me it’s a joke. So, first you must transform your experienceand then look for the answer because in your present conditionif you look for the answer, you will come to all kinds of wrong conclusions. So, with pain in your leg if you ask, ‘Why am I born,’ immediately I could have told you, I could have gathered lots of miserable people around me as most spiritual gatherings are, if I tell you, ‘God is testing you (Laughter). This question comes up because you have not realizedthe immensity of what it means to be human. So, if that experience comes into you, then you will not ask ‘Why?’ because ‘why’ is irrelevant. Who cares ‘why’? It’s too fabulous, it’s too fantastic, it’s stupendous.

Ringtones for Happy Birthday

Why would you ask, ‘Why’ (Laughs)? Right now it’s meager, here and there, there are some experiences to keep your life going. Rest of it is too meager – getting up in the morning, going to the toilet, cooking breakfast, eating, going to the office. Once in a way one moment of success, once in a way a moment of pleasure, moment of love, moment of joy here and there – those things are keeping you going; the rest of it is too meager, isn’t it? Isn’t it so? That is why this question.If every moment of your life becomes absolutely exuberant and bursting within you, If you realize the exuberance of this existence,if you experience the ecstasy of being here then who the hell is bothered about the purpose?

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